BEAUMONT -- Police say the Bush IAH gunman was in love with a woman he could never have.

Officials say 29-year-old Marcus Moore worked with the woman at an apartment complex in Beaumont. She was a manager and he was the maintenance man.

It was a relationship that took a turn on Tuesday, when Moore allegedly forced her at gunpoint to drive him to Houston. It was a trip he took alone, after she somehow talked him out of it.

Neighbors say Moore was always quiet and unassuming, and that he came from a nice family that never caused trouble.

Hardly never came outside, neighbor Kenneth Bell said. I couldn t understand what went wrong.

A lot of people talking about it today, neighbor Michelle Narcisse said.

Despite a cryptic series of Facebook posts and a suicide note, Moore s sister maintains he was not depressed.

No more than the rest of us in this crazy world, she said.

Police say they recovered computers from his home and the Houston hotel where he stayed before he took his life at Bush airport. They are hopeful more answers could come from them.

Officials are also hoping to learn where Moore obtained the guns he had at the airport. They found packaging for them at his home, but do not yet know how they ended up in his hands.

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