HOUSOTN -- They say a picture can capture a moment, but the KHOU 11 New I-Team s cameras captured a lie told by a wedding photographer whose customers say took their money without giving them what they paid for.

I would like my money back, said former blushing bride Katie Gaw, who is now red in the face.

Gaw hired Sabrina Bowen of Sabrina Bowen Photography to shoot her wedding in October of 2011. But, she s been in knots since she tied the knot because she still doesn t have her wedding album.

It s kind of like a stab in the back, a slap in the face, Gaw told KHOU 11 News. She is a compulsive liar; a compulsive liar.

Gaw paid $900. Bowen showed up for the wedding, but getting the pictures afterward turned into a mess.

KHOU 11 News: So you set times, Hey, we re going to meet and I m going to get my pictures?

Katie Gaw: Mmmhh.

KHOU 11 News: She doesn t show up?

Katie Gaw: No. She doesn t show up.

KHOU 11 News: How many times did that happen?

Katie Gaw: I can t even tell you.

And Katie Gaw is not alone.

We get a lot of complaints, said Monica Russo with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

Russo says the Bureau has received an earful about Bowen from other customers.

Everything from poor quality photos to photos missing from their portfolio to in some cases, not receiving their photos at all, said Russo.

And it s not just weddings that Bowen is shooting.

We have all these picturesque moments in our lives, said another one of Bowen s former customers, Margaret Carrizales. Because I m such an honest person it just hurts me to know that there is someone out there who is not an honest person.

About a year ago, Carrizales and her friends paid Bowen $700 and did a group shoot with her.

She told us she would have them sent to us, Carrizales told the KHOU 11 News I-Team.

But Carrizales says then the delays began.

Then she told us we could just pick them up directly from the printer, said Carrizales.

And the excuses followed.

KHOU 11 News: She said she sent them to another printer?

Carrizales: Uh-huh.

Carrizales says this happened over and over again.

Anytime my friends and I talk about it we just get so upset by it. I mean to get duped by somebody, said Carrizales.

And so like a lot of other people, Margaret and her friends took Bowen to court and won, but they ve never seen the money.

Katie Gaw also sued Bowen and won, but she also hasn t seen a penny, although she has received some of what she paid for.

KHOU 11 News: Do you think you are ever going to get your money back?

Katie Gaw: No. I don t and it s sad.

So we went to look for Sabrina Bowen and when we found her we got a surprise.

KHOU 11 News: Are you Sabrina? Oh, you re not Sabrina?

Sabrina Bowen: No, I was trying to meet her to buy something off Craigslist, though.

Bowen lied about who she was.

KHOU 11 News: Oh, you re not a photographer?

Bowen: No ma am.

KHOU 11 News: Are you in anyway involved. Do you have anything to do with her?

Bowen: I m picking up something off Craigslist.

But, 48 hours later she sent us an e-mail admitting she was Sabrina Bowen.

Now pregnant, Katie Gaw got a call from Bowen, but instead of money she offered to do a make-up shoot.

She suggested or offered to do a maternity session, said Gaw.

But, Katie Gaw isn t buying it and declined the offer.

Bowen wrote the KHOU 11 News I-Team and said she has made mistakes and excuses and she will work to resolve any outstanding issues.

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