HOUSTON -- Some townhomes were reduced to a pile of rubble after severe weather over the weekend.

With seemingly non-stop construction in the Heights, they re selling townhomes almost as quickly as they can build them. But at the corner of East Second Street and Heights Boulevard, construction has temporarily been put on hold.

It s just timing, man and Mother Nature, said Sharone Mayberry

Unbelievable. I knew exactly what it was. It was the storm from Saturday, said Vince Guerra, who lives next door.

Saturday s storm rolled in with a fury. It caught most people off guard, including the builder of eight new townhomes.

This is pretty unbelievable, said Steve Reichardt of Keystone Classic Homes. They all had the wind strapping in place. That wind was gusting something fierce out there.

I thought it was a really big lightning bolt that essentially struck here on the street really close to us, said Yatin Charhar, who also lives next door. But it was extended for a really long time because there was a lot of lightning that night.

The project calls for eight four-story townhomes, half of them already sold. Despite what seems like a large amount of debris, only two of them were framed.

Reichardt says the project will only be delayed by one week.

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