FORT WORTH Surrounded by family outside John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Brandi Woods is grateful her husband John is alive.

He did not realize just how this could have turned out, said a relieved Woods. Thank God he's making progress in every aspect.

On Friday night, she said her husband acting on instinct leaped out of his own car along a busy lane of southbound Highway 360 near Ragland Road on the Arlington-Grand Prairie border and nose-dived, head first, into the driver's side window of a passing truck.

Police said the driver was drunk, traveling in the wrong direction, and asleep at the wheel.

Brandi tried to sum up what would make her husband take such a drastic action. From the moment he jumped out of our vehicle, it had to be nothing but adrenaline.

Brandi said her husband wasn't trying to be a hero... he just wanted to protect his family and others on the roadway.

But things quickly turned sour when the startled driver woke up and sped off with John's torso dangling out the window.

My husband instinctively knew he needed to hang on, because it would have either have been run over right there, or put your arms on the running bars, Woods said. The two fought to control the steering wheel.

Skid marks along Highway 360 and into a grassy field show how the driver swerved back and forth before tossing John's body almost 40 feet into the air. The pickup driver fled.

Brandi considers its a miracle her husband is still alive.

God is with him, and still is, she said.

The father of three and former professional golfer is now being treated for a punctured lung, two broken bones, a broken collarbone, a fractured vertebra, and bleeding on the brain.

He is expected to fully recover.

Meanwhile, Brandi Woods has a message for the driver:

Turn yourself in, she said. He needs to turn himself in.

Brandi said the driver is a heavyset Latino male with short facial hair. He was wearing a baseball cap when the incident happened on Friday night.

Grand Prairie police described the truck as a newer model silver four-door Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado.

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