SUGAR LAND, Texas - While much of the nation was gripped by the drama unfolding in Boston s streets, Susie Eisenberg-Argo and Wanda Buxton watched with more than just a passing interest.

I m a 100 yards from the finish when the first bomb went off, said Eisenberg-Argo.

In the chaos that ensues, Argo can actually be seen her fleeing the scene in news video with smoke from the explosion billowing in the background.

We were headed to get our medals and heard the boom, said Buxton. I was just beyond the finish line when I turned around and saw the smoke.

For Eisenberg-Argo anxiety returned with a phone call at 4:30 a.m. from her son Ryan, a chef in Boston.

He was about to take the train to get himself to Watertown, she said. He s standing on the side of the road in the dark saying I don t know what to do. And I turned on the news, and I said you ve got to go back.

He did like so many others, and Eisenber-Argo has not stopped watching the news since. Both she and Buxton were hoping the 19-year-old suspect would be taken alive.

Because I want answers, says Eisenberg-Argo. We all want answers why did you do this? What possessed you to do this?

I don t know what was going through his mind, said Buxton. It seems to me he was given the chance of the American dream.

Only, she says, to turn on America.

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