HOUSTON There are big concerns brewing about what a Seabrook boy will say about how he was severely abused.

The child was beaten so badly he could barely walk in late 2011.

Harris County prosecutors are afraid he will change his story about how salt, alcohol and vinegar were poured on his open wounds.

A judge decided this week to move the boy from one home to another.

That s where the problem begins, prosecutors say.

If an 11-year-old boy is put in a place where there is pressure, then the integrity of the case can suffer, District Attorney Mike Anderson said.

The boy, now 13, was placed with his biological father s family in Florida.

CPS workers said that was the best place for the child to live.

He is now supposed to head to the home of the family of his mother, who is accused of doing nothing when his life was in danger.

It was horrible, said Anderson.

The child s adoptive father Kerry Parks is accused of beating the boy and torturing him.

Prosecutors are afraid the mother s family will talk the child into giving different testimony on the stand that would benefit her defense.

I m concerned about potential witness tampering, Assistant District Attorney Anna Emmons said.

Family court judge Jim York would not comment on why he decided to move the boy.

The child is still in Florida.

It s not clear if and when he will be moved to Indiana.

There is a move underway to ask the family court judge to reconsider his decision and allow the child to stay with this dad s family.

The boy is expected to return to Houston for the trial next month.

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