HOUSTON - The owner of a north Houston corner store said early Friday that his store has now been hit by burglars five times.

The latest incident happened shortly before 4 a.m. after a nearby resident called police to say it sounded like someone was banging on the store s wall, according to the Houston Police Department.

Houston police arrived in the 4400-block of Irvington to find a hole in the business s brick wall, but a suspect was nowhere to be seen. Inside the store, items were knocked off shelves but it didn t look like anything was taken. Police said it appeared the suspect was trying to burglarize the store s lotto machine.

Police called in a search dog, and firefighters assisted with a ladder truck so officers could conduct a search of the roof.

I m thinking this is a bad problem in this area, said owner Amir Dholasaniya.

Police said they would review surveillance video, but so far a description of the suspect has not been released.

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