PEARLAND -- A frightened clerk fears for her life after an armed robber stormed into a Pearland hotel.

Officials said on Saturday morning, a man with a gun walked into the Comfort Suites hotel located at 2806 Miller Ranch Road in Pearland and robbed the woman who working the counter.

That very moment I thought I was going to get shot, the victim said.

The victim is very shaken up.

It was pretty routine. He come in and ask for a room. I didn't think much of it, said the victim. Before I made it down to the computer, he had a gun in my face. He pulled it up around the corner. I put my hands up and I said, Okay okay, I ll give you what you want. I went around and said, I'll give you what you want, said the victim.

The gunman jumped over the counter and fired a bullet. It shattered the front sliding door.

I thought he was shooting at me, through the wall or something, the victim said as she remembered hearing the gun go off.

The victim slowly made her way to a back room where she hid and called police. The suspect took off with $200.

Pearland police are asking for the public s help in getting this guy off the streets.

A very brazen robbery, no disguise, no gloves, with no intention but to commit this robbery, said Lt. Onesimo Lopez with the Pearland Police Department.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, possibly in his mid-to-late twenties, approximately 5 8 with short hair. Anyone with information should call Pearland police at 281-997-4100.

The manager hotel manager, Manny Patel, is also taking matters into his own hands by reaching out to fellow hotel owners in the area. He typed up an email and sent it out to other hotel and motel owners in the area.

I wanted to let you guys know to please be aware of people coming for rooms at night. This morning at 4 a.m., we, at the Comfort Suites got robbed for a little amount, but the robbers gun went off causing damages to the main door and windows. The amount in my register is minimum, but the damages caused are grand. Also the person working last night has been scared for life all over a few bucks. Please inform your staff to be careful and let's make sure they stay safe from the crazies of the world.

In the meantime, the victim, who says she nearly lost her life is not going back to work and plans to go to therapy.

I can't sleep right now without thinking about it, said the victim. I lay down and sit there and think. I can't walk the dog alone anymore. If I go out, my husband has to be with me.

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