HOUSTON Houston police say they have a bold serial robber on their hands and they are asking for the public s help finding him.

Police said the man hit up at least 8 stores in 4 days. All of the robberies happened in the west and southwest side of town.

His targets are varied, from fast food restaurants to clothing stores, discount shops and sporting good places.

Detectives said he robbed the Sports Authority located on 10225 Katy Freeway on Jan. 27. The next day, the 99 Cents Store on 11873 Bissonnet, Walgreens on 8098 Westheimer, and Valero on 7100 Bellaire. Then on Jan. 30 the man robbed Timewise on 11101 S. Sam Houston. The last known robberies happened on Jan. 31 at Burkes Outlet on 5635 Beechnut and Boston Market at 4672 Beechnut.

His modus operandi is pretending to buy small items.

He was walking around like he was shopping, went to the accessories, grabbed a pair of earrings, said Maribel Benavides, the Burke s Outlet Store manager.

Sabah Naz, a manager from the 99 Cents Store, said he bought a soda.

Police released surveillance video of one of the robberies. It shows him walking around looking for an item.

He grabs something, goes to pay for it and then reaches over and steals part of the register filled with cash. The woman behind the counter at Burke s on Beechnut said his hands inched toward his pants, where he may have had a loaded gun.

After he handled the $5 he said, OK this is a robbery, don t turn around, don t do nothing, just give me the money, said Benavides.

The robber did the same thing to the store clerk working at the 99 Cents store. He made sure no one was in line behind him.

The guy caught one clerk off guard with his actions following the robbery.

On his way out he said, I m sorry to the cashier, I m sorry, I didn t want to do this. The guy was like, I love you I love you. I have kids too. He blew a kiss and he walked out, said Benavides.

Police said the robber has tattoos on his arms and neck area. They said he s daring and afraid he may kill a store clerk.

His getaway car is a Toyota Tundra, the plate numbers are unknown. Police said he changes them out.

Police are also offering a reward leading to the arrest of the suspect.

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