SPRING -- Neighbors are joining forces against a man they say is trying to lure their children into his SUV.

Many of the children along Melham Lane in Spring are at an age where they can play outside on their own; but, parents are not letting them out of their sight anytime soon.

Mothers in the Postwood 1 neighborhood say a man has tried to lure their kids into a truck three times in three days.

They are now doing everything they can to catch him.

We know everybody here, one mother said. And we don t know this person that keeps coming into our neighborhood. But at this point I think it s safe to say that we are not, we are not comfortable being outside.

Since Tuesday, they say they have continued to see the same black SUV with the same suspicious driver.

He allegedly gets out when parents are not present and asks kids for help.

One day he claimed that he lost his dog. Another day it was his cell phone. And each time, parents said he tried to get a child into his truck with the promise of a cash or candy reward.

He has been described as Latino man, possibly in his mid-20s.

One young witness said he had curly hair, was wearing a red shirt, and that he had tattoos covering his arms.

Parents are especially concerned since they live near Burchett Elementary school. Even if they can stop the man from coming onto their street, they worry he might eventually get someone else s child to go with him.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable s Office is investigating.

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