FORT WORTH, Texas-- I think we are all scared of him, Russell Staley said.

He fears his own son.

He can go from charming to psychotic in a snap of a finger, Staley said.

The man he raised, Daniel Wayne Staley, has been troubled since he was a child.

That's when we found out he was talking about killing his family, Russell Staley recalled. How old was he? He was around 10 or 11. Even in his writing back then, he says he's not sure why he hadn't already killed us.

Daniel Wayne Staley has been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders. News 8 obtained some of his journal. In it, he graphically describes wanting to cut people open and killing them.

He has a fascination with corpses. He was arrested in 2010 for digging up a corpse in Dallas and stealing a woman s foot.

But, he also has a way of charming people.

They've got to realize that behind that charm is somebody who is thinking about killing them, Russell Staley said.

Daniel Wayne Staley has been in a mental hospital in Wichita Falls, but he was scheduled to be released on Thursday to a halfway house in Fort Worth. The home is for MHMR patients and ex-convicts. The men living there say they were told he was coming, but not his history.

I'm very concerned, because I don't know -- if he did that he could be very violent here, said Kevin, one of the men living at the halfway house.

In the halfway home, Staley can come and go as he pleases with no one monitoring. It s up to him to take his medications.

They can't force you, said Jordan Hansen, also a resident. No one can force anyone to take medications.

The state abruptly decided not to release Staley after News 8's report Monday night. His family said the state is taking another look at his case, but they know eventually, he'll be released.

They've been battling the system for years to keep the mentally ill man in hospitals.

Of course he's not fine, Russell Staley said. Danny is going to kill someone. It's just a matter of time.


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