PHOENIX -- The iconic Astrodome has been empty for years and talk is heating up about tearing it down.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is weighing in on the matter.

Now that officials believe it will cost about half as much to tear down the Astrodome as originally thought, all kinds of options are being considered. And that fact hasn t been lost on Goodell.

The NFL commissioner vistited Reliant Park last fall and discussed with the City of Houston and Harris County leaders, along with Texans owner Bob McNair about how they were planning on improving their upcoming Super Bowl bid.

On Wednesday, when Goodellw was told that the price of demolishing the Astrodome would be $29 million, rather than $64 million that had been originally reported, it peeked his interest.

Those are decisions that have to be made by the community, said Goodell on Wednesday. It sounds like a very positive change because they ll be able to use the space that the Astrodome sits on in a very positive way. Whether it s more parking, whether we can have more events there on that space -- it s not just the stadium itself, it s the area surrounding it that s valuable. And, I think that could be a very positive change in their Super Bowl bid.

Goodell believes the latest development would be a game changer.

There s no word yet on when the Astrodome issue be voted on.

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