HOUSTON -- A couple who was victimized by early morning burglars near Katy are asking for the public s help in catching the thieves.

The Readeaux family sent KHOU 11 News surveillance video of the crime that happened on Queenston Boulevard and Kieth Harrow Boulevard.

What the Readeaux family saw on their security monitors scared the daylights out of them in the middle of the night.

Rhonda Readeaux said she saw two men getting into her husband s truck and stealing $800 worth of electronics.

That was scary, said Rhonda Readeaux, a mother of two.

It only took the thieves one minute to bag the goods.

It s very disturbing, you know we work so hard for what we have, she said.

Her husband installed the security cameras after one of their cars was broken into previously.

This time though, they forgot to lock the truck s door.

That was absolutely an oops moment, she said.

The family is posting the video on social media sites hoping someone recognizes the men.

Other families said they too are concerned about crime in the neighborhood, which they described as a nice place.

The Readeaux family agreed it is a good place, but they will keep the cameras rolling and lock their doors.

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