HOUSTON -- Officials say an elderly driver was driving the car that hit and killed a Houston woman who was walking her dogs in a Montrose neighborhood.

Neighbors here are left heartbroken over what they saw.

A woman who they say they see regularly walking her two dogs was doing just that on D Amico Street just west of Waugh Drive early Friday evening when police say a car driven by an elderly woman slammed into her.

The woman died instantly.

Police say it looks like the driver had just come to a halt at a stop sign and then stepped on the gas.

Witnesses said the impact was sudden.

One witness said the victim didn't have a chance to get out of the way.

Witnesses said the driver was very upset.

Officials say the elderly driver appears to be in her 80's

She was questioned by police in the back of a squad car, but at this point, it is unclear whether she will face any charges or citations.

Right after the collision, witnesses said the victim's two dogs went running, and those witnesses chased after the dogs.

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