LAKE JACKSON, Texas Three pit bull dogs were stolen this week from the Lake Jackson SPCA animal shelter even though the dogs are available for a small fee.

I was shocked. I ve never heard of this happening at least not in this area, Stacey Suazo, director of the Lake Jackson SPCA, said. One of the three dogs that were taken was a shelter favorite named Kia.

They re all special, but some of em, you know it s like they look into your soul. And she was one of those special ones, Suazo said.

Tanner was also stolen at the same time, but was found wondering the streets of Lake Jackson the same day.

Kia, Tanner and another male dog were taken from their cages in the middle of the night.

Why the pit bulls were targeted is not clear. However, there is some suspicion the adult dogs will be used for breeding purposes. The two males at the shelter had not been neutered.

Pit bull pups can sell for hundreds of dollars.They are popular dogs, but many end up at the shelter.

Altogether, three pit bulls were missing; each had been in the shelter for weeks.

Oh gosh, that happened, I don t know why somebody would do that, Angel Garcia, a dog owner, said.

Dogs at the shelter are free after paying for a few procedures, so it is not clear why someone would steal them. Pit bulls can make great friends, the shelter says. They re just glad to, at least, have one of theirs back.

He s a lucky dog just to be back here that way we know he goes to a good home, Jackson said.

It s the first time dogs had been stolen from the SPCA in Brazoria County.

Investigators are still trying to determine how the burglars broke into the building. There were no signs of forced entry, and there were no surveillance cameras.

If you have any information about the stolen dogs, you are asked to call the SPCA in Lake Jackson.

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