HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Convicted criminals often lose touch with their family. Some people believe that can lead to them becoming repeat offenders. While no one is excusing their actions, one woman has taken up their cause in an effort to protect everyone.

Debra McCammon is the executive director of the Hospitality House. The nonprofit organization provides a home away from home for families visiting inmates in Huntsville. The organization s mission is to keep inmates and their families connected. She explains, Yes, he (the inmate) made a bad choice, but the family didn t make a bad choice.

Convicted criminals are hardly sympathetic characters. No one would argue the focus should be on victims and their families. McCammon knows she has a tough sell but she says it works. She contends, What we re seeing is men who get out and who had family and come all the time to visit them ... then they re not going back to prison.

The day KHOU 11 News visited, Kenny Humphries was released, 23 years after shooting a North Texas police officer who survived the attack.

Humphries said his time behind bars changed him, thanks to hospitality house.

The biggest thing with prisoners is communication... communication with your family. Humphries said. Once you start losing that communication, your tie to the world breaks down. And after a while everybody starts fading out.

Humphries wife, Twyla, slept in a car during her visits to Huntsville before learning about Hospitality House s free room and board.

Before I came here... It s like you feel like you re alone, you have ... There s nothing, Twyla explains. There s nobody that understands or can help you. They understand what you re going through.

Per policy Hospitality House does not ask their guests/families what led to their loved one s incarceration.

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