PASADENA -- Police say a burglary suspect seemed more interested in food than cash when he broke into two fast food restaurants in Pasaden.

Surveillance video showed the suspect taking a rock and smashing Dairy Queen s drive thru window located in the 900 block of Richey Street near W. Harris Avenue.

After going through doors and cabinets, the suspect didn t find any money, so instead started going through the food.

He got tacos, shredded cheese, said Tina Horak, DQ restaurant manager. He went for the cakes. He got buster bars.

The hungry suspect got all that he could carry and left the same way he came in.

Minutes later, the alarm at Church s Chicken down the block went off.

Police believe the same guy smashed the front door and stole chicken patties.

Fast food employees in the area fear that somebody will walk into their store with a gun.

They know they could get away with it once, it intensifies, then they will come back until something happens, said Horak.

Officials said the same Dairy Queen was hit two weeks ago. That time, the bad guy stole about 15 cakes.

Horak believes the burglar is a teenager who lives across the way at an apartment complex.

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