HOUSTON - A suspected robber is in the hospital Tuesday after a homeowner shot him twice after he caught him climbing over his back fence.

The suspect ignored a no trespassing sign on the fence and climbed over the fence into the bed of a truck. That is when the homeowner came out to investigate.

He confronted him inside the locked backyard and then shot the intruder. Now frightened neighbors in this north Houston neighborhood are sharing their concerns.

Around the corner from the shooting, Norma Cassias also has a story. She said an intruder is why her father is in a wheelchair.

An intruder broke the burglar bar, broke the door down, tried to rape me, he came in and tried to help me, they fought for the gun, I ran to get help and by that time, he shot him (her father) in the head, Cassias said.

I m scared because somebody can come in, too, you know, Maria Leon said.

Leon is worried for her safety, and so is Alma Jasper, who is not surprised her neighbor defended himself.

Nobody does, this is your property, Jasper said. But what Jasper wants, is for it to stop happening.

I think it s ridiculous, I ve been here 33 years, and it seems like the neighborhood is going down, she said.

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