HOUSTON A father severely abused his 6 week-old son multiple times, causing serious bodily injured, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Charles Carlos Gonzales, 34, was charged with injury to a child.

The baby s mother rushed him to Methodist Willowbrook Hospital on November 13 after noticing swelling to the left side of his head.

Doctors determined the baby had a skull fracture and a hematoma of the face, scalp and neck. The child also had an epidural and healing rib fracture approximately two to three weeks old. The child was then sent to Texas Children s Hospital for further medical attention.

The mom told investigators that the infant and his 1-year-old sister were cared for by their grandmother while she andGonzales worked. She said her mother was a responsible caregiver and the children always returned home in good condition. On the day she noticed her son was injured, he and his sister were both fine when she picked them up from their grandma s house, the mom said.

Gonzales was already home when they arrived and the baby was placed securely in a swing in the living room while the rest of the family had dinner.

After dinner, the baby remained in the living room with his dad while the mom went to bathe the daughter, investigators said.

The mom said she heard the boy cry, then stop, but thought nothing of it and continued giving the little girl her bath.

When the mother went back into the living room, Gonzales was taking the baby out of the swing. She then took the child and changed his diaper.

The mother said that is when she noticed a bump behind the baby s right ear.

She asked her husband about it, then called and asked the grandmother. Both denied doing anything to the child.

She then took her baby to the hospital to be checked out.

When questioned by investigators, Gonzales said he never harmed his child. He said the baby was content in his swing at first, but then became a little fussy. He said he remained watching TV and did not pick up the child who, he thought, only wanted attention, investigators said.

He said by the time he did pick up the baby, the mother was already walking into the living room.

Medical records state the child suffered a diastatic skull fracture resulting from a strong blow to the head that would not have gone unnoticed to an appropriate care giver. The rib fracture resulted from a strong squeezing force to the chest. Doctors said the findings of the two serious unexplained skeletal injuries of the infant constitute physical abuse.

Investigators said Gonzales was given a polygraph test, and failed.

His bail was set at $20,000.

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