HOUSTON A 15-year-old female student at Sharpstown High School said she was on her way to the school s bus stop Tuesday morning when she was jumped by two men, who tried to abduct her.

It happened as she was walking down Kitty Brook Drive near Creekbend Drive about 6:15 a.m.

The two suspects were driving a burgundy mini-van and honked at her at first, she said. They then did a U-turn and came back for her.

Another person opened the door and he tried to grab me. He pulled my hair and then I kicked him and then my shoe came off. He tried to get at me again and grabs my book bag and I run, the victim said.

Her mother Shonda Williams said she is always worried in the mornings, because it s dark outside when her daughter heads out the door to the bus stop.

At 6 in the morning these kids are waking down the strip here on Kittybrook and it s too dark, Willams said.

She wants a police presence in the morning.

Houston police are hoping one of KHOU 11 News viewers can help them find the suspects. One of them spoke with a French/creole accent.

The family said Sharpstown High School has been notified as well as the school district s police department.

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