HOUSTON - E-book fans may have noticed the wide range of book prices in recent months.

Digital Book World reported late in 2012 that some books were going for as much as $15, up from the typical $5. The good news is, you can now pay by the page using a new Android app.

Total Boox is a free app for Android tablets with 10,000 books to choose from. Each page you turn costs a few cents. So instead of paying upfront for a book you end up disliking, you can stop reading at anytime and not have to pay a dime more. Total Boox will even give you $2 in credit to start with.

The startup also serves as a social network where you can create a playlist of books that you can share with your friends, classmates, and coworkers.

The app s maker says they hope to attract even more publishers to their service in the near future, especially after being featured on the popular website Mashable. On Total Boox s website they indicate the iPad version of the app should be out in mid-November.

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