HOUSTON -- A mother accused of jumping in to help her 13-year-old daughter win a fist fight with another teenager says she was just trying to break up the fight.

Police said Nicole Curtis and Charles Fields provoked their daughter to fight her opponent on Dec. 8. Documents say the two got physical when they realized their daughter was losing.

A witness captured the brawl on video, and that is being used against Curtis and Fields in a court of law.

Curtis admits she should ve done things differently. However, she said she was trying to break up the fight.

I did not jump on anybody s child like that because I got six kids of my own. I wouldn t want anybody to do that to one of my kids, explained Nicole Curtis after posting bail.

Curtis said she believes the video shows her trying to stop the fight after it escalated. The footage also shows her husband taking down their daughter s opponent.

Curtis said she wants to apologize to the other family.

I want to get down to the nitty gritty of this because I don t want to be hanged, and I don t want my husband to be hanged, said Curtis.

Curtis and her daughter spoke exclusively to KHOU 11 News on Tuesday.

The teen girl said the 14-year-old she was fighting with is a former friend.

I kept on trying to be her friend, trying to have her back and she kept on bullying me, she said.

She said her mother and father didn t push her to fight. She said she was having tension with the girl at school over a boy.

My momma and daddy dropped me off the basketball court, and her and her sister kept saying they was going to jump me, she added. I wasn t scared. I didn t want to fight her because it wasn t worth it. We was fighting over nothing. It was over a boy.

Documents say her parents brought her to the basketball courts of the Cuney Homes public housing complex in the Third Ward. According to documents, Fields slammed the 14-year-old girl on the ground while his wife punched her.

Curtis said she doesn t want to be perceived as a bad parent.

It really do hurt me that it went down like this, and I got this stuff on my back, said Curtis. It s not the parents. It s the teenagers out here getting into it, fighting and stuff behind nothing.

Curtis and Fields are both charged with causing injury to a child.

Records show that Fields has a criminal history that includes making terroristic threats and drug possession.

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