WYLIE Single mom Tina Klein is couponing for charity.

These were all free, and there were three packs, so this is going to help 300 families, said Klein, in her kitchen filled with items to be donated.

But it didn't start out that way; she clipped coupons out of necessity.

I have received help when my children were younger; it means a lot, she said. People who need help most of them will give back to the community. It was my turn to return the favor for what people have done for me.

So now she spends 30 to 40 hours a month collecting coupons for local food pantries. Her home is filled with food from shampoo to Hamburger Helper and savings are organized by each receipt.

Klein is teaming up with other local coupon ladies to make an even bigger impact.

I have personally donated $10,000, and as a group, the back-to-school challenge raised $35,000, and we've got about another $15,000 so far, she said.

Three challenges deep, Klein has helped collect $58,000 worth of items and she's not stopping there. Her team of roughly 20 local moms are trying to hit a $100,000 goal by April.

If we had a 'super coupon' woman in each city and state, then none of our charities would need anything, she said.

From Facebook to online forums, Klein is reaching out for help. Now, moms in other states are getting involved, too.

I can see this where we won't just raise $100,000... we'll raise $1 million if we can get all the states participating, she said.


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