HOUSTON A Houston man won one of those homes that HGTV gives away and now he s sharing tips to help others win big.

James Walley, a husband and father of two young children, won a spectacular Miami condominium.

His name was picked from 18 million entries, but Walley said don t let the long odds keep you from entering.

Somebody has to win. Why not me? You go into it. You don t really get your hopes up cause you know the chances are real slim, he said. When it all came down to the drawing it happened to be my name.

Walley suggests that you enter sweepstakes as many times as allowed.

He even set his alarm clock to remind him when he could enter next.

You can also choose contests that are more difficult to enter and those with a shorter entry period to cut your competition.

You may even want to consider software like Robo-form that lets you fill out entry forms faster.

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