HOUSTON The scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus has put cheating back in the spotlight, andthese days, technology is making it tough for spouses to hide an affair.

Gary Huestis is not your average private investigator. Sure, cheaters are his prey. However, electronic devices with data storage are his targets.

As a family law attorney, Cindy Diggs said cheating is not a lipstick on the collar thing.

Now, it is Facebook, texting, which we call sexting sometimes when it becomes explicit, and as you have seen lately (with Petraeus) emails too, Diggs said.

Emails revealed Petraeus, who resigned as director of the CIA on Nov. 9, had an affair with his biographer.

More often, Huestis, who manages E Investigations in Houston, catches cheaters using cell phones.

(We ve had people) sending text messages and sometimes using a fake name changing the gender of the name and then deleting them on top of that, Huestis said.

It s so true, Diggs said. They send nude photos of themselves or obvious love messages or sex messages. They do make a mess of their lives undoubtedly.

That is because forensic investigators like Huestis are able to use devices to recover deleted texts, pictures, videos and emails. Often, all of it becomes evidence in divorce court. It is also a major reason E Investigations gets 10 calls a day from lawyers and spouses anxious to catch cheaters.

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