MESQUITE Susie Birmingham left her house for a drive to Rockwall. Thirty minutes later, she got a call from Mesquite Police.

I was in Rockwall when the police called me and told me that I needed to get home, Birmingham said.

The homeowner returned to find her home in shambles. Walls were reduced to rubble and bricks were scattered on her front lawn after a Ford Mustang crashed into the house on Rutherford Drive Saturday afternoon.

Investigators told Birmingham they found no skid marks.

They said a 16-year-old kid was coming down Covington Street, he lost control and ran into my house, she said. He was sitting in my house for a while.

The driver plowed through three rooms areas where Birmingham spends most of her time.

If I would have been in there, I would have been in those two (front) rooms that he crashed through, so I thank God, Birmingham said.

She's also grateful the driver survived.

I'm just glad the young man didn't get hurt, she said. I know he had some angels watching over him.

Still, the homeowner is overwhelmed by the destruction. It's been a tough year for the family.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, Birmingham said. I just lost my son in January and my mother in April and now, my house is gone.

The Red Cross gave the family meal and hotel vouchers. Insurance will pay for the rebuild, but, Birmingham now hopes better days are ahead.

I need some good, she said. I really do.


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