HOUSTON It s homecoming season. These days a guy has gotta do more than just ask for a date. He needs be creative.

We stopped by Memorial High School and got a sampling of inventive asks .

Take 16-year-old Griffin Doyle who taped a cell phone underneath his date s desk during class and set an obnoxious ring tone. She had to pry the phone free while the other students watched.

Basically my date said it was most awkward situation in her life, the sophomore said. But when she answered the phone, she told him yes.

Balloons are big. Try drawing pigs faces on pink helium balloons. 17-year-old Aaron Sunstrum did. When his date opened the box, the balloons floated up and she read the note. Aaron says he wrote: I d ask you to homecoming when pigs fly. Pigs were flying and she said yes!

Kai Jones, also 17 and a senior, crafted a balloon bouquet.

There was a letter of my name in each balloon and since my name is so short, I put in extra notes nope try again, so she had to pop em to figure who had asked her, he said.

Some kids just rely on peer pressure. Jacob Graves enlisted his family and friends. A dozen of them taped the message, Kylie will you go to homecoming with Jacob please????

It worked. All the girls said Yes. Why go through all the trouble instead of just asking for a date?

Russell Frank, 17, who wore a cheerleading outfit to ask his cheerleader girlfriend to the dance, said simply, Cause the girls like it.

You gotta outdo your fellow guys, Aaron added.

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