FORT WORTH -- A suspected burglar, wounded by a neighbor of the home he was allegedly robbing, said he wants to sue the man who shot him.

It was a confusing chain of events.

Police said the neighbor fired seven shots at a car with two teenage burglary suspects inside Thursday. The neighbor thought the responding police officers were in danger of being run over by the vehicle.

One of the suspects who was shot was Joey Ross, 17.

There was just some random dude with a silver pistol, Ross said. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. Just started unloading the clip until it was clicking.

Bullets grazed Ross' arm. His friend, 17-year-old Levi Gouge, was hit in the hip and leg, and remains hospitalized.

Ross said they were trying to surrender.

We were like this close - like this is the windshield, Ross said, with his arm a foot away from the glass. We were this close. [...] That's when it came across my forearm.

Ross was already on juvenile probation for drugs. When asked if he was breaking into the house he was allegedly robbing, Ross told News 8, I don't want to speak on that at this time.

Ross said he ran from what he assumed was an undercover cop. It was, in fact, a civilian riding along with an officer.

Meanwhile, the burglary victim had summoned her neighbor, who came out with his gun and mistook the ride-along civilian for a police officer in danger of being run down by the getaway car.

Both of us put our hands up, Ross said. He still shot. He was trying to kill us.

The district attorney will examine whether the shooting was justified. Police are also investigating the role of the civilian ride along.

Joey Ross said it's a wake up call.

I learned my lesson, dude, Ross said. I almost got killed. All these things happening. And I want to sue the dude who tried to kill me and my friend.

That's his view. Others are grateful the gunman stepped in.


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