HOUSTON A woman says an armed man forced his way into her car at a fast food restaurant, making her driver her around while holding her hostage and police say she wasn t the only person targeted during this gunman s crime spree.

The victim, who didn t want to reveal her last name, was at a McDonald s near the Gulf Freweay and Woodridge when a man came to her passenger door.

He ran up and tapped on the window with a gun told me, let him in, let him in, said Terri. I let him in my car and I couldn t back up, and couldn t go forward, so I drove over the hedge, onto the side street.

She says the gunman told her to drive on I-45, then 59 North.

He kept telling me to change lanes, move over left, right, drive normal speed up, she said.

He reportedly told her to put on her seatbelt so she couldn t escape.

I kept thinking, I m going to die. I really kept thinking I m not going to see my children, I m not going to see my grandchildren, my husband or my family it s really what kept going through my mind, she said.

Near Jensen, at a dead-end, Terri says the man got out of the car with her purse, cell phone and wedding ring.

He was hopping out, he said take off fast and don t look back, so I took off, she said.

She drove a few blocks until she saw the Saint Arnold Brewing Company and asked employees for help.

Houston police believe the same man robbed a taxi driver minutes before getting into Terri s car to escape.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic man in his early 30s. He has some facial hair and was wearing a blue baseball cap and a navy blue shirt.

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