HOUSTON Have you ever heard of a dog that can alert a diabetic when their blood sugar gets too high? Earlier this year KHOU 11 News told you about a little boy in Cleveland who got one of those service dogs but things didn t turn out as planned.

Back in March, little Wesley Webb was thrilled to get his black lab puppy to be a diabetes alert service dog. His family named the $20,000 dog Prixsee because they said she would prevent Wesley from needing so many finger pricks to test his blood sugar. The dog came from Warren Retrievers Guardian Angel Service Dogs facility in Virginia.

That was then.

I do not want her here, Wesley s mom Amber Herrin now says.

Herrin said Prixsee does not alert them, is disobedient and she is violent too.

Scratched me, Wesley said. He said the dog bit him on his arm too. She s too rough.

She does not like my son, Herrin said.

She said the company that provided the dog did not provide the training it promised.

KHOU 11 News tried repeatedly to contact company president Dan Warren, but did not make contact. Herrin said she has gone back and forth with him. She wants Warren s company to take the dog back. She played a message on her phone that she said was from Warren.

We re not going to force you to keep the dog. We don t force anyone to keep the dogs, a man identifying himself as Warren said on the recording.

Herrin also said she is not sending the company any more money toward the cost of the dog. The man heard in the voicemail threatened police action at that.

If we have to have you arrested on site tomorrow I m happy to do that too. I hate that you are bringing it to this portion, he said.

KHOU 11 News heard from three other customers who said they too are unhappy with the service dog company. In fact, one said she is involved in a lawsuit with Warren.
We also heard from two customers who said they are very happy and pleased with their service dogs.

I ve been let down by a company that puts on a front to you and acts like this is going to be a life-saving privilege for my son, Herrin said.

She also said her son s service dog has been sick from day one. Sores are visible around Prixsee s mouth.

Little Wesley said he would like to give Prixsee back to the people and get a new dog.

We ve become attached to Prixsee, but with all that s happening it s best that we part, said Herrin.

The family is looking into getting the help they need from another service dog provider and they are talking to a lawyer.

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