HOUSTON A Friendswood man spoke for the first time about the day he was kidnapped at gunpoint and terrorized.

He was too scared to show his face, but said he hopes his story will help catch the gunmen.

Every morning at 5 Kurt leaves his home in Friendswood, but one day, on his way to work, someone was hiding inside his treasured EL Camino.

With a gun pointed at his head, Kurt was told to drive.

I was more scared then I have ever been in my life, he said.

Then he saw another person following them, a second suspect.

At one point, I thought about running off the road, he said.

In the middle of nowhere, Kurt was ordered to pull into a gravel driveway.

Then both men told him to take off his clothes. They covered his eyes and mouth with duck tape and then used hose clamps to secure his hands.

Kurt s car was doused with gas and set on fire. The blast of flames erupted so fast that it knocked all three of them to the ground.

Wearing just his underwear Kurt said he was then led toward some railroad tracks.

I fell a few times coming up here, he said.

Seconds later he was pushed down the hill into a ditch.

I laid there for the longest time. I was afraid. I was afraid they were going to shoot me. I thought (if) they didn t shoot me up here they are going to shoot me down there, he said.

Then came sirens and Kurt was able to walk toward them. The car fire had been reported.

It s been a year since the crime happened, but police believe one of the men may have been burned and they re hoping this story jogs someone s memory.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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