HOUSTON A man who was attempting to steal speakers from an abandoned car in east Houston made a gruesome discovery early Monday, according to Houston police.

He spotted an abandoned Chevy with the trunk partially opened near a ditch in the 12800 block of Nimitz around 4 a.m.

Police say he pulled over to take a closer look.

He said he was looking to steal something. As he s searching the car, he opened the trunk to find speakers. Instead, he found a body of a man who had been killed, said Sgt. Jack Harvey with HPD.

He called 911.

Police say the dead man appears to be in his 20s, but they are still trying to identify him. He had been beaten and shot in the chest.

We talked with the woman listed as the owner of the abandoned Chevrolet. She said she s afraid the body in the truck belongs to her husband, who she last saw on Sunday.

The woman didn t want to be identified because she s terrified whoever killed her husband might come after her next.

She and her two children are in hiding.

Police are waiting for her to view the body before making a positive identification.

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