HOUSTON A Conroe mother is upset after a school bus driver dropped off her 12-year-old daughter 13 miles from home.

I was petrified, said Kaylee Trevino, a seventh grade student.

Kaylee was dropped off in an unfamiliar neighborhood 13 miles from her home Wednesday afternoon.

I wanted to find her and find her quickly, said her mother Tara Trevino.

She said her daughter called saying the driver was telling her to get off the bus at the wrong stop.

Kaylee was supposed to be on her way home from Peet Junior High in Conroe.

Her mother said she unsuccessfully attempted to speak with the bus driver on the phone.

SoKaylee got off the bus and didn t know where she was.

Neither did her mom.

So Kaylee sent a picture of a nearby building.

Luckily, her mother recognized the neighborhood.

Kaylee waited on an unfamiliar road until her mother found her about 20 minutes later.

Conroe Independent School District officials said a substitute driver did not know changes had been made to the stop schedule.

The school spokesperson also said Kaylee was not forced to get off the bus, but instead left voluntarily.

Kaylee s mother wants to see the bus video recordings.

KHOU 11 News asked to see that video as well, but we were told it would not be made available.

The district said it is working to make sure a similar situation does not happen again.

In the meantime, Kaylee s mother said she s working on filing a formal complaint against the driver and the Conroe Independent School District.

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