HOUSTON Officials continued their investigation Thursday morning after an overnight pot bust turned up about $250,000 in marijuana.

Harris County Pct. 6 Deputy Constables along with officers from the Houston Police Department made the bust around midnight, according to a Pct. 6 spokesman.

Deputies said more than a hundred plants, averaging three to four feet tall, were found in a warehouse southeast of downtown.

We also found some packaged marijuana about 30 five gallon packages, said Lt. Julio Banda. Plus we found an additional 60 to 70 stored away in a refrigerator.

Pct. 6 took one person, a man, into custody at the scene. Deputies said the individual lived in the facility and even had a washing machine and clothes.

Officials said the man was not cooperating with their investigation.

Deputies creditedthe report of nearby stolen car with leading them to the warehouse.

It was around 7 p.m. Wednesday a deputy constable was looking for a possible stolen car on Lamar Street at Palmer Street when he smelled marijuana coming from the warehouse. A search warrant was obtained a short time later, and officers moved in.

Officials said no other suspects have been identified in the case.

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