NEW ORLEANS Isaac s rain and wind have yet to swirl ashore in New Orleans, but already Texans are helping their Louisiana neighbors prepare for the worst.

We brought enough plastic to cover 10 football fields, said Andy Dumas, owner of SWAT Contracting.

He had two truckloads of plastic and plywood delivered from North Texas as supplies in the New Orleans area start to dwindle.

Dumas, Gabriel Cortez and Mike Bradley arrived Monday morning to help Metairie meet Isaac. Another group of employees and a 16-foot trailer of supplies is staging in Fort Worth.

One of Dumas first clients is Flowers By Finnin in Old Metairie.

He s boarding up several large plate glass windows at Jay Zeringue s 50-year-old flower shop while the owner covers his computers with plastic on the inside.

Zeringue is not evacuating, but said this city certainly takes storms more seriously after Hurricane Katrina.

Dumas said a Category 1 hurricane could be quite lucrative to contractors. Typically over a six-month period, a contractor who comes in like us will make $5 to $10 million gross, he added.

Depending on Isaac s ferocity, Dumas told News 8 that repairs could keep him and his nine employees here for six months or more.


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