ARLINGTON The family of a 15-year-old girl who was slammed to the ground by Arlington police two weeks ago is planning to sue.

The last thing I heard was an 'ooh' from the crowd, and everything else went silent, Kelsey Perry recalled.

Kelsey and four others were arrested as police tried to break up several fights outside a dance hall.

Her lawyer filed court papers to question potential witnesses so they would know who to name in the lawsuit.

According to the petition, Officer Dylan Eckstrom scraped the girl's face on the pavement after body-slamming her, as seen in a video of the incident.

The court document says Eckstrom then pulled out his pepper spray and doused her in the face at close range.

Kelsey said the officer later told her he only gave her a ticket to justify using the pepper spray.

The teen says she wants her life back. Just to be able to sleep again, feel safe again, to talk to people like I used to, she said. Now I don't like being in contact with people; I can't be around a big crowd without being scared.

Photos of Kelsey's injuries show several scrapes on her face and bruising and redness on her back and shoulder.

Arlington police have not commented on the court filing.

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