HOUSTON Three stolen Ford pickup trucks were found parked at an apartment complex on West Gulf Bank Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Two of the trucks were Ford F350s. The third was a Ford F250. Investigators said the vehicles are the most popular trucks used by crooks to smuggle both humans and drugs into the United States.

Undercover officers conducted surveillance on the trucks. They waited to see if someone would get in and drive, and that s what happened. Two men were quickly arrested and taken to jail.

In the back of a patrol car, one suspect said he had nothing to do with the thefts.

I swear he was just taking me home, the man said. He was taking me to my cousin s house.

The young man s credibility was shot when police learned he was wanted on a parole violation, but he did say the trucks were about to be taken somewhere and sold.

They were talking about going somewhere, the suspect said.

HPD officers said they believe there is a good chance the buyers are smugglers. Dually pickups are durable and can handle rough terrain.

Smugglers also like them because they can tear out the back seats, making room for immigrants.

Just last month, 15 people died when a large pickup truck crashed south of Victoria.

Sources said the Ford trucks are easiest to steal. The locks can be popped with a heavy-duty tool.

All three of the trucks recovered Tuesday had been stolen in the last 24 hours, police said.

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