MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas Detectives in Montgomery County were searching for a motive behind the murder of a local man, whose body was discovered early Monday morning.

Perry Taylor stood accused of shooting the man to death and leaving the victim on the side of Redbud Road in an unpopulated area of the Magnolia Bend Subdivision.

The victim was identified as Russell Bointnott. According to authorities, Bointnott was the former boyfriend of the suspect s wife.

A friend of the suspect said he didn t believe Taylor was capable of murder.

It s not the person I know, said Joseph Sprunger. A person isn t going to murder someone for no reason.

The suspect lives in a mobile home on Moorehead Road near Creighton. Neighbors said they were startled awake by the sound of a single gunshot around three in the morning but went back to bed. Hours later, some of them wondered about their own safety.

That s extremely unsettling, said Kandy Phelps. A lot of people don t lock their doors around here but we ve started locking everything up.

Investigators have not yet determined a motive.

Taylor was being held on a charge of murder at the Montgomery County Jail.

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