HOUSTON Police engaged in hours of negotiations Sunday with a man who barricaded himself inside his home after allegedly threatening a cab driver with a knife and scaring his family members.

Terry Bishop, 52, was arrested just before 9 a.m., after a seven hour stand-off.

The suspect was dropped off by a taxi at his residence near the 25000 block of the Northwest Freeway around 2:30 a.m., according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

After exiting the vehicle, he is accused of producing a knife, which he used to threaten the cabbie.

He has a knife and was chasing the cab driver. My sister tried to stop him. He ended up punching her, says Erika Adair, the suspect s stepdaughter.

The cab was called by a bar that refused to let Bishop drive home. The argument allegedly started because the cab driver refused to drive him back to get his truck.

I grabbed his wrists and said Stop, look at me. Just go inside. You are drunk. Forget it, Adair said, but Bishop instead went into the house and got a shotgun.

His stepdaughter said Bishop has no history of violence, and her sister and their two friends fled the house when Bishop allegedly got the gun and called police.

About 4 a.m., there was a troubling development.

He left my sister and I a voicemail that said he was sorry and he loved us and that he was going to end his life, Adair said. Then they heard three shots.

It was horrible. We didn t know. I would have rather known if he was alive or dead than sitting there wondering, Adair said.

Two hours later, Bishop called to say he was OK.

The Harris County Sheriff s High Risk Operations Unit spent several hours reaching out to Bishop, according toSgt. Thomas Gililand.

In the intoxicated state, he gets very agitated very quickly. Hangs up the phone and we call him back in a few minutes and talk to him again, said Gililand.

The team talked Bishop out of the house without firing another shot and without any injuries.

They were very effective and they were very safe. It took a long time but he got out of there alive, said Adair.

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