HOUSTON Adrian Peterson has hired high-profile attorney Rusty Hardin after his arrestat a Houston nightclub over the weekend.

The Minnesota Vikings star running back wastaken into custodyearly Saturday for allegedly resisting arrest at the Live! at Bayou Place club downtown.

Peterson took to Twitter Sunday to discuss the incident.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on, Peterson tweeted. Thank you for waiting for the facts. Truth will surface.

Peterson was arrested after police said an off-duty HPD officer working security at the bar asked theformer OU standoutand his friends to leave at closing time.

The officer said he then left Peterson s group to tell other patrons to leave, before returning to usher them out a second time.

But police said when the officer returned, Peterson turned around and told the officer he heard him the first time, and then pushed the officer in the shoulder.

The officer stumbled backward, then told Peterson he was under arrest.

Police said Peterson started yelling, pulled away and assumed an aggressive stance, so another off-duty officer came to help. Officers said Peterson continued to struggle and was finally handcuffed with the help of a third off-duty officer.

The NFL star complained of shortness of breath after he was taken to jail, but paramedics examined him and said he was OK.

The club s manager said Peterson was very apologetic after the arrest and even admitted that he was in the wrong.

Still, news of the arrest spread quickly, and TMZ posted a video of the incident.

It happens to us all, football fan Mike Evans, who was outside Bayou Place the night after the arrest, said. But for every action, there is a reaction and that s where we have got to set the bar.

They re human, said fellow fan Darae McNair. We put a lot of emphasis on them, but they are human.

Minnesota Vikings spokesman Bob Hagan said Saturday that the team was aware of the situation and gathering more information.

Peterson was releasedSaturday on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to return to court in Houston Friday for the misdemeanor charge.

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