HOUSTON Police are searching for two men they say tried to rob a north Houston gameroom and ended up in a shoot-out with a security guard.

Around 9 a.m. on Saturday, three men armed with pistols entered a gameroom on Airline Dr. near I-45, according to investigators.

They allegedly tried to get into the club s office but couldn t, so they took off running.

On the way out, a security guard who works at another gameroom nearby saw the men and tried to stop them.

I kept saying, get the lights, get the lights! Call the cops! Call the cops! You know, then he come out and they started shooting at each other. And he was right out in the open. The other guy was hiding behind a truck. He's lucky he didn't get shot, said witness Ron White.

Officers say the guard hit one of the men, shooting him in the leg. The suspect was taken to the hospital but the other two men are still on the run.

The suspects did not manage to get any money.

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