HOUSTON Some neighbors expressed surprise to learn that a burglary suspect arrested Wednesday is the same teenager who has been at the center of a Houston police beating controversy.

Chad Holley, 18, was arrested in the northwest Harris County subdivision of Easton Commons. An alert neighbor called 911, holding a shotgun in one hand.

Brandon Scott said he had seen a red car drive backwards down Forest Trails and back up into a short dead-end street. A moment later he saw someone racing through his backyard into his neighbor s property. Scott grabbed the phone and a shotgun and climbed onto a chair to look over the fence. He narrated everything, describing the stolen goods coming out of the house to the 911 operator.

(I was) getting frustrated, watching them hand stuff over the fence, Scott said.

He said he was ready to shoot if they came to his home.

I think I had six rounds, there were four suspects, so I d have taken them out, he said. We re in the State of Texas. You break into my house, you die.

The four burglars fled and were caught just a few blocks away.Neighbors soon found out that one of them was Holley, who had been championed by community activists after his police beating was captured on video.

Quanell X is going to have some interesting conversations about this, said neighbor Katy Neaves. I know police brutality happens. I also know kids commit crimes.

Scott said he thinks Holley is just a criminal.

I don t want to stir up more community trouble, but he is a criminal.You were backing a criminal you see what happens, Scott said.

Many in the neighborhood had followed Holley s story, including reports he had just graduated from Cy Falls High School.

So many big-name people stepped in to help him to rehabilitate, Amy Savoie said. To find out it was the same kid, who knew the consequences of what he was doing, it s heartbreaking.

Dylite Byrd agreed.

Why do it again? Why do it again? It s just throwing your future down the drain, Byrd said.

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