HOUSTON - Want a free pizza? All you have to do is ask at one pizza chain. However, there s a catch. You have to ask in Spanish.

In Pizza Patron s kitchen, cooks knead 120 crusts each hour, management said. They re always prepping for the next big rush. On June 5, 2012, all Pizza Patron restaurants expect enormous crowds. For three hours that day (5 p.m. to 8 p.m.), the restaurant is giving away free large pizzas.

People (just) need to ask for the pizza in Spanish, said Jose Miguel Dominguez, who owns four franchises in Houston.

Esta Bien, said Olga Rosales, who likes the promotion.

I don t know the words to order in Spanish, said Cynthia Richardson, who is unsure about the promotion.

It s not fair to the rest of the people, said Robert Thompson, who does not like the promotion. This is America. Now, if this was a Spanish-speaking country, then it would be nice. But, I speak Spanish and I don t like it.

Others across the country also criticized Pizza Patron s promotion. Some consider it to be biased and discriminatory.

I don t know [any] Spanish and I don t want [anything] from Pizza Patron now if I have to say it in Spanish, Shepard said.

Dominguez said he is not asking for much. In fact, he is telling everyone the three magic words to say.

I can teach you how to do it, [just] say pizza por favor, Dominguez said. Pizza is universal in every language so all you really need to learn is por favor.

Dominguez said the promotion is designed to celebrate Pizza Patron s 26-year history as a pizza chain that caters to Hispanic and Latino communities.

That s why I say it s not a bad thing, Richardson said. In a way, it kind of gets people to learn a little Spanish.

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