With early voting under way for the Texas Primary, Republican candidates in the U.S. Senate race are spending millions of dollars bashing each other in TV ads.

Ted Cruz, vying to get in a runoff, is running a commercial criticizing opponent and frontrunner Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. But his claims are split between true and false.

With testimonials from supporters including some tea party activists the Cruz commercial aims squarely at Dewhurst.

David Dewhurst is attacking Ted Cruz, one supporter says in the ad.

That's true.

Dewhurst has blanketed the state with ads criticizing Cruz for representing a Chinese tire-maker who was found liable for stealing an American company's blueprints.

The ads have hurt Cruz, and his commercial responds with supporters saying: David Dewhurst thinks I care more about Chinese tires than his tax-and-spend record.

Then, the Cruz commercial attacks with this claim: Dewhurst increased spending $72 billion and calls it a cut. It's not a cut.

That's false.

The figure cited is the raw dollar increase in state and federal dollars in four of the five budgets since Dewhurst took office in 2003.

But Dewhurst's specific claim is that the general fund with just state tax dollars for all five budgets dropped since then.

As PolitiFact Texas found, when adjusted for population and inflation and even rolling in delayed spending for schools and Medicaid general revenue spending dropped since 2003.

Cruz's ad then claims again that Dewhurst promoted an income tax. What's a wage tax? A fancy disguise for an income tax, the ad says.

That's false.

As we previously found, Dewhurst has not supported an income tax.

Then in the political ad, a Cruz supporter Cathie Adams, former Chair of the Republican Party of Texas says this: Dewhurst appoints liberal Democrats.

That's true.

While in charge of the Senate, Dewhurst appointed an average of seven Democrats to chair committees in each legislative session since 2003.

With this commercial, Ted Cruz hopes primary voters think about that and appoint him the Republican nominee.


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