SEABROOK, Texas Seabrook police are investigating a horrifying case of child abuse involving an 11-year-old boy.

The boy told investigators his adoptive father beat him with a belt every day, then applied alcohol, salt or vinegar to his wounds.

The victim said 50-year-old Kerry Dean Parks would later rip off his bandages and reapply the chemicals.

It s absolutely ridiculous, said one neighbor, who didn t want to be identified. The child went through enough pain. Why did you have to do it even more? Seems heartless.

The victim told police that Parks also smashed his head against a decorative column in their home

The case came to light at Seabrook Intermediate School where someone noticed the child s injuries.

Police say the boy was curled in a fetal position on a school couch and in severe pain when they first questioned him.

He was taken to the Texas Children s Hospital for treatment of serious head wounds and burns to his lower body.

Kerry Parks faces two counts of injury to a child.

Merilyn Parks, 35, is also charged with injury to a child because she allegedly failed to stop the abuse.

I don t know how a mother can let that happen to a child and her not say anything, said the neighbor. It hurts. I have three little ones. It hurts.

The child and his baby sister are in CPS custody. He is with a foster family and the baby is with relatives.

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