HOUSTON A driver led police on a high speed chase around northwest Houston because he mistakenly believed he had warrants out for his arrest.

Around 11:15 p.m., a Houston police officer spotted a pickup truck speeding on Rankin near Kuykendahl and attempted to pull the driver over. The truck continued southbound onto the North Freeway at high speeds reaching 100 miles per hour.

The driver continued off the West Road exit and eventually stopped at a house on Ellington. Officers took both the male driver and passenger into custody. The house belonged to the passenger.

The passenger insisted that he had asked the driver to stop and that he did not want to participate in a chase. He was released from custody.

The driver said he had fled because he believed he had warrants out for his arrest but he did not, according to officers. Police found an unlicensed concealed handgun under his seat. The suspect was arrested for felony evading and weapons charges.

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