HOUSTON FBI agents conducted three simultaneous raids at centers in the Westbury Community Center Hospital system Thursday morning, according to authorities.

The raids began at 5 a.m. at centers located in the 6100 block of Hornwood, the 5500 block of Gasmer and another one in Baytown.

The hospitals are all part of the group formerly known as Continuum.Authorities were investigating to find out if the company was illegally billing Medicare and Medicaid.

I would not work for a company that is not ethical, Colleen Paxton, an administrator said.

Paxton says they deal with up to 200 mental health patients a day.

We get our patients in here, they sign consents, they re in group therapy, they have master treatment plans, Paxton explained.

Officials are trying to figure out if the company is using ambulances or work vans to round up homeless people off the streets then take them to their facilities for treatment.

Sources said patients might not be getting treatment at all; instead they are watching television all day before being sent back to the streets.

Paxton denies that claim.

We keep a group of people here in what we call community support that we house with no reimbursement at all, that s part of our help to the community, Paxton said.

The IRS, FBI, HPD and other law enforcement agents questioned every employee.

They were asking me computer-related questions because I m the I-T guy. What kind of information was on the computers, said Zupin Bhandara who s been employed with the company for over a year.

Bhandara said he was shocked when he walked into work this morning.

Meanwhile, some regular patients who receive treatment every day said they were sad they were turned away.

I ve been coming here for a month and a half. I m a little shaked up, said one woman.

The woman s mother said the facility has helped her daughter and she is a changed person.

Yet and still, investigators hauled off boxes of evidence from the raids to see if the business was as it should be.
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