HOUSTON A man whose wife was fatally shot as a woman kidnapped their baby says he s focusing on the future, instead of the gruesome details of recent days.

His wife s alleged killer made her first appearance in court, but he did not attend.

I was going to but, what good would it do. Make more me more angry I guess. I don t want to be that way right now. I m trying to get my kids back, Keith Schuchardt said.

That will likely happen next week, but not before Schuchardt clears a few more hurdles. In addition to baby Keegan, he and wife Kala Golden had a 2-year-old son, and she had a third child through a previous relationship. All of them are staying with a nearby relative and Schuchardt has 24-hour access. Child Protective Services officials said he can even move in with them until the situation is resolved.

They re still waiting for the urinalysis to come back, he said. That might be Monday.

Reuniting the children with their father permanently is a top priority for the family. While coping with the untimely death of a loved one, they re trying to concentrate on those still living.

My daughter is gone, but her kids are not, said Linda Golden. I have to be focused and worry about how to get my grandkids raised and taken care of and loving on them. That s what I have left, and that s what I have to do.

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