HOUSTON The grandmother of Verna McClain, the woman accused of killing a young mother and kidnapping her baby, says McClain recently bought a gun.

McClain is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Kala Golden.

She has been held in the Montgomery County Jail without bond since her arrest Tuesday night.

McClain s grandmother, who did not want KHOU 11 News to use her name, said the 31-year-old nurse recently had her home and car broken into, so she bought a gun for protection.

The grandmother learned of the gun after the shooting.

The grandmother also revealed more details about the hours before and after the shooting and kidnapping.

She said her granddaughter has had several miscarriages over the last couple of years and wanted to take in foster children.

On Tuesday morning, she left her home to take her children to school, and told her younger sister she was going to pick up her foster child that day.

McClain s grandmother said her granddaughter didn t let on anything was wrong until hours after the shooting.
The grandmother said she went with McClain to the younger sister s home and saw the SWAT team outside. At first, McClain, who had diapers in the back of the car, didn t let on she knew anything about why detectives might be outside the apartment.

Her grandmother said she later admitted to police what happened.

McClain has three children that range in age from 6 to 16. They were staying with relatives Thursday.

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