WALLER, Texas A young man police say confessed to killing his family in their Waller home this week is apologizing for the murders.

Investigators said Trey Sesler, 22, has contacted extended family members since his arrest, saying he was sorry for what he did.

Police said he also scrawled an apology on a wall in his parents home after he gunned down his mother, father and brother earlier this week.

I love my mom, dad and brother. Why did I do this? God forgive me, the note reportedly read.

Relatives, still reeling from the shocking crime, said they hope Sesler will find some clarity in his time behind bars.

We just pray that Trey will get right in his thinking. His thinking is not right now. He s away from the Internet now, Sesler s cousin, Dr. Robin Warner, said.

Investigators said after Sesler confessed to killing his family, he also confessed to a series of other crimes in the Waller County area.

Sesler reportedly said he d been killing animals, shooting at empty buildings and setting fires for some time.

Warner said his family did not know about his alleged activities.

There s a picture in the house of a rabbit. I said, Where s the rabbit? He said, Oh, Trey just said it got away. He would say, Oh, it got run over, it got away. You know, they had no idea he was shooting them or anything like that, Warner said.

Neighbors in Waller were shaken by the developments in the case.

Johnnie Hall said he used to trust his neighbors, and felt like he could leave his doors unlocked but not anymore.

I think everybody s been violated in a sense, if you look at it. Because in small towns, you don t normally hear about things like this, Hall said.

But investigators said it could have been even worse. Sesler reportedly confessed that he was gearing up for a larger, Columbine-style mass-shooting.

I think the sheriff and I agree totally that we prevented something horrific from possibly happening, Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak said at a press conference Thursday.

Rehak and other investigators said they do not believe Sesler had any accomplices in his plans, but they were still interested in speaking with anyone who knew the young suspect.

Maybe there should be a little more security for kids walking to and from school, because, you know, this could have escalated, Hall said.

Rehak said investigators are looking at some journals taken from the scene of the shootings and several of Sesler s computers for more insight into his possible motives.

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